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Constructing a Heritage Zone?!


Heritage Zone brought to you by Linfox, which HQ is housed in a heritage building of some 3-4 years standing.
an example of why we need a law prohibiting the telling of lies.
in a court, under oath, and 2. at the wheel of a vehicle, to an ociffer of de law, are, unfortunately, the only times we are compelled by law to be truthful.
Mr.Rabbit also knows this.
back now from Prof.Googles Study with the info that old airport buildings have apparently been heritage Listed. cripes.
[PDF] Airservices Australia Heritage Register Place Record 'a section of the airport known as the Wirraway Park 'Heritage. Zone', where a number of early airport buildings ... '
It's Melbun. What else can a Sinny-sider say?
A complete falsehood to which the facts are loosely adjusted to an imperfect conformity.
While your point stands about the signage, pleased to hear the airport is to be saved in some ways. I have seen photos and it is great.
Problem is that 'Essendon Fields' is quite a dog's breakfast. Fine old historic/ heritage airport buildings cheek by jowl with some hideous modern ones, not to mention the acres of car yards.

Having said that the supermarket at E.F. is our Coles of choice. Checkout chicks almost begging you to choose them so as they won't die of boredom. It the most undercrowded Coles we've been to.

It also has a Lamanna's - with probably 3 times the variety (and it's a joy for carnivores) as Coles.
Not sure what you are asking, but this where it is:,+Essendon+Fields+VIC+3041&hl=en&sll=-37.723971,144.897748&sspn=0.00684,0.011147&vpsrc=0&t=h&z=17

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